Tips for Ensuring Company Computer Security

If your farm is using a computer for daily business tasks, then you’ll definitely want to ensure that it’s protected.  There are so many viruses and hackers out there just waiting to nab your personal information.  There are no shortage of new viruses and malware out there that will hijack your computer, sniff passwords, and more.  It’s really quite awful if you ask me.  All these talented people pissing their talents away to destroy someone who has worked hard for what they have.  But I digress.  There are a few strategies that you can use to ensure that you won’t become the next victim of a malware or hijacking.

These are the strategies that I personally use, so know that I practice what I preach.

  1. Avoid Internet “bad neighborhoods”.  I think you probably know what this means.  It means not going to adult sites, gambling sites, hacking sites, torrent and download sites, and other dark areas of the net.  Much like the real world, this is where the baddies hang out, and if you frequent these places you’ll more than likely get ripped off in the manner of acquiring some malware or worm or hijacker.  So, just avoid at all costs.  And if you can’t avoid, then you should think about getting a specific netbook JUST for those activities, and do not store any personal info there.
  2. Always actively employ malware and virus BLOCKING software.  Those programs that remove viruses and malware are kinda useless if something has already gotten on your computer and swiped or tracked data.  You might get a virus right after the scan and it won’t find it until the NEXT scan, meanwhile it’s been watching all of your internet activity.  This sucks!  So get something to block those things before they get on your computer.  I really like Malwarebytes, and in this review it goes over how that software actively blocks malware based on computer learning technology.  Is it a gimick?  Maybe, but they have stopped me from accidentally making a typo and getting horribly attacked by a rogue website trying to prey on other people making that same exact typo.
  3. Back up your data.  I can’t stress this enough!!!  If you get hit with ransomware, the easiest way out of it is to have a recent backup of your operating system.  That way you don’t have to mess around with paying the ransom, removing the malware, or anything like that.  Just format the damn thing and restore the backup.  I personally use Backblaze – it automatically backs up my entire file system and monitors all the changes and additions I make.  Deleted those 14 copies of the same photo?  It’s deleted from my backup as well.  The best part is that I don’t have to remember to back things up – something that I always used to forget to do before they came up with this automatic technology.  Also, Backblaze is offsite, so if your computer and house gets destroyed by a fire, at least your downloaded seasons of Grey’s Anatomy will be safe on Backblaze’s servers.